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Easy Green CBD   CBD / HEMP Oil Tincture CBD SUPPLY CO - Austin, Texas    30ml / 1oz  0% thc  CBD isolate in MCT Oil  Available in the following strengths;  300mg, 600mg or 900mg

Easy Green CBD Tincture - Full Spectrum

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Easy Green Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

300mg, 600mg, 900mg 1500mg & 2500mg
Contains CBD distillate, premium MCT oil & high quality flavoring
(other carrier oil options available)


Dosage suggestion: 
10mg-40mg under tongue, hold for up to 1 minute, & swallow. 
Full Spectrum products should not be used if you are subject to drug screening, this product could cause you to test positive for THC
MCT oil, a premium carrier oil, protects your CBD dosage and carries it through your stomach's acidic environment to be more efficiently absorbed in your intestinal tract.