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White Label & Co-Packing Services: WE ARE BUILT FOR THIS

Greenstar Distribution 

White Label & Co-Packing Services



Our facility features a custom 3,000 sqft ISO 7 clean room, a secure raw material handling lab, industrial label printing room, and roughly 6,000 sqft of warehouse & fulfillment space.


 Equipped with fully automated machinery, our primary production line enables us to fill, cap, label and box as many as  20,000 (1-2oz) bottles daily.


Located in our raw material & prototyping lab is an additional fully automated filling, capping and labeling machine designed for 1oz bottles. With additional, semi-automatic filling and labeling machinery, we retain small, medium & large batch capabilities.


Contact us to get started, together we will create custom products, branding, manufacturing & fulfillment solutions to fit your needs.  




Jonathan “JT” Thomas

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